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Savings Accounts

We're all saving for something. So, Brentwood Bank will do everything we can to make sure each dollar works as hard as possible for you.

Statement Savings

Looking for a straightforward solution? Statement savings is an excellent option.


  • Earn interest on balances of $250 or greater 
  • Link Savings to Debit card for quick, easy access to funds 
  • Manage money 24/7 with online, mobile, and telephone banking 
  • Easily transfer funds between checking and savings accounts 
  • Use eStatements for easy information access and the security of paperless records 
  • Avoid low monthly fee with a qualified checking account or minimum daily balance of $250 

Kasasa Saver®

The perfect partner to a Kasasa checking account. Cash back or interest rewards grow your savings even faster. 


  • No monthly service fees; No minimum balance requirements 
  • Earn interest 
  • Link to a Kasasa checking account for easy funds transfer 
  • Grow savings more quickly with cash back or interest rewards from Kasasa checking account 
  • Manage money 24/7 with online, mobile, and telephone banking 
  • Use Estatements for easy information access and the security of paperless records 

PassCard Savings

Prefer banking in person? PassCard may be the choice for you. 


  • Make deposits and withdrawals at any branch location 
  • Record each transaction in a PassCard for safe, easy record keeping 
  • Earn interest on balances of $250 or greater 
  • Avoid low monthly fee with a qualified checking account or minimum daily balance of $250 

Holiday Club

A resourceful option to help you save throughout the year for holiday shopping and spending. 


  • No monthly services fees or charges 
  • Earn interest on balances over $250 
  • Get payout mid-October 
  • Receive funds by check or transfer into another Brentwood Bank account 

Kids Looney Tunes™

Exclusively for individuals 18 years or younger, this account teaches kids to save — it’s easy, educational and fun!   


  • Kids receive Looney Tunes folder, pencils, deposit slips, and quarter coin folder to save for the next deposit 
  • Earn interest from the first dollar 
  • No monthly service charge; No minimum balance 
  • $1 to open 

Certificates of Deposit

Make your extra cash work for you. If you don't need access to certain funds for a specified amount of time, earn higher rates than a standard savings account with a Brentwood Bank CD.

  • Lock in a higher fixed rate than most savings deposit accounts
  • Choose from a variety of fixed terms
  • Receive interest the way you want: add to CD balance (capitalized), transfer to another Brentwood Bank deposit account, or transfer to a deposit account at another bank

Money Markets

Interested in earning higher rates? Premier Money Market and Choice Money Market allow you to earn a competitive interest rate while keeping funds liquid.

  • Higher interest rates than traditional savings
  • $50 to open
  • Access account through phone, online and mobile banking


With big tax breaks, IRAs are the perfect place to let your retirement money grow.

  • Take advantage of tax breaks
  • Savings grows from interest
  • Secure place to save for retirement

Disclosure: Saving and money market accounts are limited transaction accounts and are subject to Regulation D. Excessive withdrawals over the regulatory limit may result in fees, account closure, change of account type, termination of transfer capability or other corrective action. See your account disclosure for full details.  

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Brentwood Bank offers some of the best savings account rates in Pittsburgh to help you reach your goals sooner.

Personal Savings Accounts 1,2
Statement Savings $50 $250 0.10%
Kasasa Saver4,5 $50 $0 - $50,000
Over $50,000
All balances if qualifications not met
0.50% - 0.375%
Passcard Savings $50 $250 0.10%
Holiday Club Savings $50 $250 0.10%
Kids Looney Tunes Savings Club $1 $50 0.10%
1 Rates may change after account is opened.
2 Fees may reduce earnings.
3 Annual Percentage Yields (APY) are based upon daily balance.
4 To earn rewards, simply perform the following activities and transactions in your Kasasa Cash account each monthly qualification cycle:
  •    Have at least 12 debit card purchases posted and settled
  •    Be enrolled in and receive eStatements
  •    Log in to online banking
5 Must have Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back to enroll in Kasasa Saver.