The financial dreams and aspirations of our customers – whether they’ve been with us for five months or 50 years – are what inspire us. Those dreams could include growing a business, buying a house, or building up savings. And when we help customers reach a goal, that’s when we’re proudest of our work.

We’ve captured some of our customers’ stories to illuminate their success. We’re proud to partner with such outstanding people and businesses, and we hope you’re inspired by their stories just as we are.

Chartiers Center Provides Compassionate Support with Business Assist from Brentwood Bank

The professionals who work at the Chartiers Center in Bridgeville are doing important work every day, providing compassionate support to those in need who face behavioral health challenges and intellectual or developmental disabilities as they transform their lives.

Chartiers Center

Chartiers Center Staff

For Lindsay Bahl, chief financial and information officer of Chartiers Center, having a partner like Brentwood Bank is a vital cog in the machine that keeps the doors open and clients getting the help they need. Chartiers Center has been working with Brentwood Bank since 2012.