"A mortgage is a big deal to you. So, it's a big deal to me, too."

Joe Verduci
Brentwood Bank
Local Mortgage Specialist
NMLS #641288

Joe understands that this is way more than a mortgage; it's a new chapter in your family's life. Which is why, as part of a community bank, he gives you the personal attention and focused guidance to make your mortgage every bit as special as the home you're choosing.

Face-to-face has its place.

It's easy to find a low mortgage rate online. But that doesn't mean it's the right mortgage for you. That's where Joe comes in. He'll listen to your plans, understand your needs and develop a mortgage solution that best fits you. In fact, creating a relationship with a local mortgage specialist like Joe can really help out by:

  • Helping determine which of the many mortgage options is perfect for you
  • Finding a mortgage option that will make your money go further
  • Gathering the right information up front for a faster approval
  • Getting answers to all your questions quickly and easily from a local partner who knows you—not just your credit score
  • Having a dedicated specialist who can help avoid the headaches that often come with important mortgage-related events such as closing

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