Non-Profit Banking Services

We help non-profits save, so they can focus on helping their communities.

The more money a non-profit organization can save, the more it will be able to focus on achieving its mission!

Non-Profit and civic organizations focus on improving the lives of the people of the South Hills and the surrounding areas. Your success depends on fundraising and diligent money management, and we know every dollar matters. Whether you’re looking for added value in managing your accounts or increased earnings on interest-bearing deposits, Brentwood Bank is dedicated to helping your organization fulfill its mission by providing financial services that support your needs.

Brentwood Bank has been an integral part of the communities we serve since 1922. Our focus remains the same: build relationships and partner with customers to meet their banking needs. We know your financial needs can vary greatly depending on your mission. At Brentwood Bank, we believe that when organizations like yours succeed in meeting their mission goals, we all succeed.
Non-Profit Banking Services:
TRPIL staff members and consumers enoying an outing.
We appreciate the personal service, commitment and care TRPIL staff receive when they call Brentwood Bank’s office. They get a real person who can really help in the situation."

Joann Naser

Director of Development, TRPIL