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Helping build stronger communities is what Vince is all about.

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To Vince, superior client relationships are the foundation of any successful project.

There's a reason Vince has been at Brentwood Bank for over 20 years. Here, he has the flexibility to give his construction and real estate clients the focus they truly deserve. Because in the fast-paced, high-pressure world of development, personal attention and timely decisions mean everything. And that’s exactly what Vince delivers to those he serves.

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One of Vince’s favorite quotes is this: “Invest in things you believe in.”

It makes a lot of sense. Because if there’s a construction project underway in Pittsburgh’s South Hills Region, chances are Vince had a hand in it. He serves as Brentwood Bank’s Residential and Consumer Lending Manager, a critical liaison role that helps meet the demanding financial needs of local builders, developers and realtors. A member of Brentwood Bank since 1997, Vince is passionate about both his job and helping local communities thrive through increased development. To help gain a deeper understanding of those he serves, Vince is a long-time member of the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh as well as a licensed real estate agent.

A husband and father, Vince is also proud of his Italian heritage. He’s a member of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America, enjoys making wine and is currently planning another tour of Italy. When not helping his clients or planning a trip to the Old Country, you can often find Vince surveying the rolling hills and winding roads of Western PA from the seat of his motorcycle.
If you're looking for a banker eager to truly understand your business and work closely with you to determine the solutions you need, give Vince a call today at 412-440-9072.
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