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She works behind the scenes, so that smooth service is up close and personal.

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Every transaction, right every time. That’s Karen at work.

For every friendly face you meet at Brentwood Bank, there are several you don’t. Karen is one of the most important. Her job is to ensure all of the thousands of transactions we process come off without a glitch. And the fact that they do is testament to how good she is at her job. It’s also testament to how much Karen cares about our customers. And while you’ll probably never see Karen, her excellence is there for all to see each and every day.

Want to learn what makes Karen tick? Check out her bio:

Talk about an unsung hero. Meet Karen Quinn. Chances are you won’t see her in any branch office. But what she does behind the scenes keeps Brentwood Bank – and all your transactions – running smoothly and efficiently.

Until recently, Karen managed all back-office support for the bank’s deposit products and processing systems. As part of her job, she analyzed current products and developed new ones, would troubleshoot any issues that might arise and kept up with the latest regulations and technology.

Currently Karen is the Lead Project Manager for the bank’s new data system conversion. It’s an intense responsibility, but one that suits her well. In her 40 years of banking experience, she has handled eight different data conversions. That’s a lot of customer information, meticulously gathered and imported into new, more efficient systems for the bank.

With every new assignment, Karen channels the words of Maya Angelou. “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.”

In her personal life, Karen gets creative. She enjoys gardening, crafting, antiquing and reading. She’s also an amateur home renovator and decorator, along with her husband Steve. Their kitchen remodel was chosen as runner up in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s design inspiration contest and was featured in the Home and Garden section of the newspaper. Karen and Steve also enjoy spending time with their three adult children and two granddaughters.

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“To me, there’s only one kind of transaction. And that’s a smooth transaction.”

Karen Quinn
Vice President, Project Manager
Brentwood Bank