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Joe isn’t just all about the numbers. He’s all about the names and lives attached to them, too.

Joe knows all banks are not the same. That’s why he’s with Brentwood Bank. Here, he can take the time to understand his business clients, listen to their needs and craft the meaningful solutions that are one of a kind – just like the people he serves. Sure, it may take a little more conversation. But that’s OK. Joe’s long-standing business clients certainly don’t seem to mind. Check out this brief video to see how Joe helps Sarasnick's Hardware provide customers with one of a kind service:

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As a student of baseball, Joe Verduci is fond of saying, “You can’t score if you never leave first base.” To him, it’s more than a quote. It’s a philosophy for success that he’s been helping his business clients – and his community – apply his entire career.

The way Joe sees it, every Brentwood Bank business customer strives to reach the next level and his goal is to help them get there.  So Joe listens to his clients and develops the solutions that are right for them. A veteran of large and small banks alike, Joe believes the spirit of community runs deep at Brentwood Bank, empowering him to pay time and attention to clients in ways that are increasingly rare at larger financial institutions.

Of course, Joe’s own commitment to community runs deep, too. Joe is the current president of the Bridgeville-South Fayette Rotary, is currently serving on council in Bridgeville Borough and is a former treasurer of the Southwest Communities Chamber of Commerce. Plus, he’s been deeply involved in sharing his lifelong love of baseball with local youth, helping teach them the game – and the important life lessons that come with it.

A proud father of three children, Joe spends his free time enjoying the company of his wife and the couple's many friends. Just what you'd expect from a man who cherishes his connections with people and a place called home.

If you're looking for a banker eager to truly understand your business and work closely with you to determine the solutions you need, give Joe a call today at 412-440-9074.
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"At Brentwood Bank, it's just easier for customers to get what they truly need."

Joe Verduci
Vice President, Relationship Banking
Brentwood Bank