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You've got goals and dreams. Jesse Hannan will help you realize them.

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Jesse helps commercial customers with their financing on investment properties, equipment and working capital. But what he does best is help people realize their financial dreams.

He knows you have plenty of options for financial solutions. But Jesse firmly believes that only Brentwood Bank offers truly personalized service.

To Jesse, it’s all about building a trustworthy relationship that grows and builds over time. Whether you’re just starting your business or want to expand operations, he’s ready to put together a customized loan that’s an exact fit for you.

Say "hello" to Jesse. And learn how much more your business can do.

We truly believe that offering the right solutions is a very personal business.

One of the biggest believers in building relationships with our customers, both personally and professionally, is Jesse Hannan.

As a great sailor once said, “I am what I am, and that's all that I am.” The words of that spinach-eating philosopher ring true to Jesse, who believes in staying true to himself and his customers.

One of those customers started doing business with a modest loan. Today, his business with our bank has grown to over a million dollars, one modest transaction at a time. When Jesse asked this customer why he chose to work with Brentwood Bank, he replied that others made big promises, yet changed terms once the transactions progressed. Over the years, he’d lost faith in the banking industry but was ecstatic to finally discover a lender that delivered on promises.

When Jesse isn’t helping his customers, he keeps on giving at home by cooking up gourmet meals for family and friends. That means that your new relationship with him just may have some tasty benefits beyond improving your business. 

If you're looking for a lender eager to truly understand the needs of your business and work closely with you to obtain the right loan, give Jesse a call today at 412-440-9071.

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“The real payoff is helping people realize their financial dreams.”

Jesse Hannan
Commercial Loan Officer
Brentwood Bank