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Bob once wrote a paper about his dream of being a banker. Now he’s ready to write the perfect loan for you.

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Bob Mitchell always wanted to be in the banking industry. As a ninth grader, he wrote a paper detailing everything that he liked about the field. Fast-forward two decades later and he’s still in love with his career.

As a Vice President of Commercial Lending at Brentwood Bank, Bob helps investors with their real estate purchases. As he works to grow their relationship, he’s also growing their portfolios.

His proudest accomplishment? Earning the trust of those who choose to do business with Brentwood bank.

And when they choose him to handle critical questions about an upcoming acquisition, Bob just smiles. Because when he says that he’s living the dream, it isn’t just a figure of speech.

Want to know what makes Bob the go-to financing guy for commercial customers? Check out his bio:

Bob’s very first job in banking was helping customers understand their loans and deposit accounts. No matter how far his career has taken him, he’s never forgotten the importance of that one-on-one connection.

Today, Bob helps investors finance commercial real estate purchases and construction projects. But no matter how large the account, he remembers that it all comes down to the way you treat other people.

Bob also believes in building solutions that are more creative that what other banks offer. As such, he strives to create customized solutions that fit his customers’ exact needs.

His goal? To become the first person you contact for financing.

When not working, Bob enjoys crafting one-of-a-kind projects on his woodworking bench. True to form, he’s moved from power tools to artisan techniques, using hand tools to build creations with more character. Like Bob, they’re one of a kind.  

If you're looking for a lender eager to truly understand the needs of your business and work closely with you to obtain the right loan, give Bob a call today at 412-440-9074.

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“Do the right thing for the right reason. And you’ll never go wrong.”

Bob Mitchell
Vice President, Commercial Lending
Brentwood Bank