About Brentwood Bank

In 1922, we started serving the needs of Pittsburgh-area communities by helping people save for a better life at the end of every workday. And we never stopped.

How Brentwood Bank's community focus helps you

Nearly 100 years ago Brentwood Bank set up temporary locations to help mill workers in the South Hills of Pittsburgh set aside money for a better life. Then, as now, that wasn’t exactly a recipe for bankers to get rich.

But that was never our mission.

The way we see it, our goal is to enable the communities we serve to grow and flourish by working hard to unlock the unique – and often overlooked – opportunities within them. Frankly, Brentwood Bank does this by taking a genuine interest in each and every customer, whether it’s a person, business, not-for-profit organization or municipality. It’s not just good customer service – it’s good financial strategy for you and us. By earnestly understanding your needs, we’re able to think differently and create solutions customized to your unique situation. Plus, as a community bank, we have more latitude to make these solutions happen in the most successful and responsible way. (As you’ve probably guessed, we take responsibility very seriously here.)

That’s why a lot of people consider us a trusted financial neighbor rather than a bank. And that’s just fine, because it’s how we see ourselves, too.

Brentwood Bank is "Banking Local"

Most of the time, “Go Local” means choosing the pros at the neighborhood hardware store over a sterile big box retailer or enjoying food that came from down the road, not around the globe.

The “Going Local” conversation rarely includes the idea of banking. But at Brentwood Bank, we believe it should.

Here’s why:

There’s a belief that community banks aren’t as savvy as big banks. Actually, in many ways Brentwood Bank is smarter. Much of our staff has earned their financial stripes at larger institutions. Joining Brentwood Bank has allowed them to fully apply their skills in the most fulfilling way possible: by strengthening our local communities. It’s something we call, “Main Street Smart” – top-notch expertise that’s focused solely on your needs.

Local Deposits Benefit Locally
When you bank with Brentwood Bank, your deposits stay in the community where they do a lot of good, like funding local business loans and helping new home buyers. According to the Independent Community Bankers of America, community banks such as Brentwood Bank provide more than 60% of America’s small business loans, while also earning the highest satisfaction rates from local customers.

Local Means Flexible
The local branch of a big bank is still beholden to big-bank decision making and model-based loan approvals. Brentwood Bank is a mutual bank, which means we don’t have stockholders to make happy. We prefer to make decisions based on local knowledge obtained through long-term relationships within the community. The result: more nimble and personalized solutions for families and businesses alike.

No Trade-Offs
Let’s face it. Part of a bank’s job is giving you convenient access to your money and the ability to manage it. At Brentwood Bank, we’re no different. Along with all the benefits of being a community bank, we also have the essential products and services you rely on: checking accounts with no hidden fees, 24/7 online and mobile banking, free ATM availability, personal loans, and savings & investment options. Combined with hometown attention, you’re not trading off. You’re trading up.