Homeowners Enjoy Dream Home Financed through Brentwood Bank

Gary and Margie Cerrone love Bethel Park, where they’ve lived for decades. So fifteen years ago, they decided to build their dream home there, in Saddlebrook Farms. High on their list of wants: a modern, all-brick home, a customized open kitchen, cathedral ceilings and a beautiful yard. By building their new home, they were able to get everything they wanted and then some. As Gary says, “We love the open architecture of our home.”

Shopping for a Mortgage Led to Brentwood Bank

When shopping for a mortgage, the Cerrones found a great deal at Brentwood Bank. “Simply said, we experienced the lowest interest rate with Brentwood Bank when we were shopping for our mortgage loan,” Gary explains. “In addition, the approval process was quick, efficient, and painless.”
Margie adds, “Vince Cassano was tremendous to deal with. He was compassionate, friendly, and extremely efficient in processing the loan.”


Gary and Margie Cerrone in front of their home financed with Brentwood Bank.

Gary and Margie Cerrone in front of their home financed through Brentwood Bank.


Setting Up a Home Equity Line of Credit

Several years after moving into their new home, the Cerrones decided to open a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), which they use to purchase new vehicles when needed.
The HELOC also helps in case of emergency, such as when a water damage issue had to be quickly repaired. Margie notes, “To have this ‘peace of mind’ whenever any unexpected emergencies may arise has been extremely comforting.”

Customer Service Sets Brentwood Apart

Vince Cassano has been the main point of contact at Brentwood for the Cerrones. “We like the personal touch we receive when dealing with Vince,” says Gary. “We also appreciate the continuity of dealing with the same person. When dealing with other banks, we have found our main contact people come and go. Vince has been a constant for our family; we appreciate that.”
In April 2019, the Cerrones paid off their 15-year mortgage. But their relationship with Brentwood Bank will continue. “We feel like we are treated more like family, or a business partner, when we interact with Brentwood Bank,” Margie says.

Business: Gary and Margie Cerrone
Type: Homebuyers
Location: Bethel Park, PA
Customer since: 2004
Services used: Home Mortgage and Home Equity Line of Credit
Recent success: Paid off mortgage in April 2019