Chartiers Center Provides Compassionate Support with Business Assist from Brentwood Bank

The professionals who work at the Chartiers Center in Bridgeville are doing important work every day, providing compassionate support to those in need who face behavioral health challenges and intellectual or developmental disabilities as they transform their lives.
Operating four key service lines: Recovery Treatment Services, Recovery Support Services, Recovery Rehabilitation Services and Resilience Support Services, the management team needs service partners who understand their work and help keep the 120-strong Chartiers Center staff focused on serving their clients.
For Lindsay Bahl, chief financial and information officer of Chartiers Center, having a partner like Brentwood Bank is a vital cog in the machine that keeps the doors open and clients getting the help they need. Chartiers Center has been working with Brentwood Bank since 2012.

Chartiers Center

Chartiers Center Staff

“We do all of our Business Banking through Brentwood Bank,” says Bahl. “We use the Business Online Banking portal daily to check bank balances. We also use the online portal to transfer money to different Chartiers accounts, complete a wire transfer for our pension, and complete ACH transactions.”
But perhaps the best example of the service that Bahl appreciates is when it is not just business as usual. Chartiers Center recently dealt with an unauthorized electronic transaction and worked with Brentwood Bank to ensure this type of transaction could not happen again.
“Brentwood Bank suggested Positive Pay to prevent fraud and we are in the process of implementing this functionality,” Bahl says. “Brentwood also saves us time by setting ACH transactions to allow us to become more electronic and pay our vendors and employee expenses faster.”
On a day-to-day basis, Bahl says that customer service is the number one reason she enjoys working with Brentwood Bank. “Brentwood Bank’s customer service far exceeds other banks. They are always willing to go above and beyond whenever we have questions or problems,” she says. “For example, a Brentwood Bank team member recently attended a Board Finance Committee meeting to explain the bank’s Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS) program and provide different options for investing funds.”
It is a fact of life that financial solvency and success are an important factor in keeping organizations like Chartiers Center available to help their clients today and into the future. And Brentwood Bank is always available for investment consultation.
“Brentwood not only provides us with the tools we need to manage our funds but the staff is always available for consultation when considering investment opportunities, loans, lines of credit and more,” adds Bahl.
Before working with Brentwood Bank, Chartiers Center worked with a larger financial institution and sees great differences in the level of customer service.
“We were frustrated and dissatisfied in that we were unable to get our questions answered, there was no option for consultation or advice. Essentially we were treated in a “take it or leave it” manner and we were clearly not valued as customers,” says Bahl.
“Brentwood Bank describes itself as a ‘Relationship Bank,’” she adds. “This is a unique descriptor to describe what goes above and beyond great customer service. The Brentwood Bank team takes the time to get to know our organization and understand our needs, risks to our business and limitations based upon our non-profit status. We know we would not get this level and type of support through a big bank.”

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