"Talking a little with me now can save you some surprises later."

Mandy Albanese, CPA
Brentwood Bank
Local Mortgage Specialist
NMLS #1477111

Mandy knows there's so much more to mortgages than just rates. Using the personal attention of a community bank to figure those things out now can lead to faster approvals, less hassles and smoother sailing ahead.

Low rates are good. Low rates and high attention are even better.

Right now, mortgage rates are historically low. But that doesn't mean the perfect mortgage is just a click away. Establishing a relationship with a local mortgage specialist like Mandy can make a difference by:

  • Helping determine which of the many mortgage options is perfect for you
  • Finding a mortgage option that will make your money go further
  • Gathering the right information up front for a faster approval
  • Getting answers to all your questions quickly and easily from a local partner who knows you—not just your credit score
  • Having a dedicated specialist who can help avoid the headaches that often come with important mortgage-related events such as closing

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