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Community is everything to Mandy. And that means her local business clients are, too.

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Some bankers are all about corner offices. Others love town squares. The second one? Yeah, that's Mandy.

There's a simple reason Mandy is at Union Building & Loan, a division of Brentwood Bank: here she has the flexibility to go above and beyond for her local customers—and her community. As a business development officer, Mandy knows that the two are linked. So, she's there for her clients in ways other banks aren't, from offering flexible financing options to being super responsive to the needs of all community businesses regardless of size.

Mandy combines years of banking expertise with personalized attention to help local businesses like Rosalind Candy Castle focus on what they do best. Watch what makes this relationship flourish:

Mandy's Bio

If joy is doing the job you love, then Mandy is a truly happy person. Then again, so are her many local business customers. And for good reason: Mandy takes great satisfaction in helping her community-based clients succeed by listening, learning and providing the business banking solutions they need. Not by pushing the products they don't. But that smile on Mandy's face is there for another reason, too. She knows that when local businesses thrive, so do the towns and regions they call home. 

In many ways, Mandy exemplifies the balance of community focus and financial expertise that Brentwood Bank is renowned for. Born in Beaver County, she began her career in community banking before becoming a certified public accountant and sharpening her business acumen with a large accounting firm. Yet the yearning to serve her community never left. After 15 years Mandy returned to community banking, where on some days you'll find her helping clients finance capital equipment, while on others she's devoting extra time to delivering stuffed animals for newly adopted children.

A devoted mother as well as business leader, Mandy and her family enjoy spending Saturdays during the holiday season sampling the flavors of her Italian heritage in Pittsburgh's Strip District. On Sundays, she enjoys fostering a lifelong love of singing with her church's musical program.

It's all part of what makes Mandy not just a great banker, but a good person.

If you're looking for a banker eager to truly understand your business and work closely with you to determine the solutions you need, give Mandy a call today at 412-440-9071.
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"When you have a fast turnaround time and you can get them their answers quickly, they know that you care about what they're trying to accomplish."

Mandy Albanese
Vice President & Business Development Officer
Bridgewater Office
Union Building & Loan, A Division of Brentwood Bank