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With Clayton, business clients always come first.

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Any bank would be happy to have Clayton on board. But he chose Brentwood Bank for a reason.

Here, he knows he can dedicate the extra time to understand what a client truly needs, then develop the customized solutions to help them flourish. That's why clients love Clayton. And the feeling is mutual.

Just ask Dante Bongiorni, president and owner of Waterways of Southwestern PA, a local client of Clayton's for over a decade. For over a decade, Clayton has played a critical role in supporting Waterways as it grew to become the nation's largest fire hose testing company. Learn more in this brief video:


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Clayton is an avid hiker, so he’s not afraid to blaze new trails—whether in the wilderness or at Brentwood Bank.

Normally, that means going to lengths for his clients that other bankers might not. Could be answering a pressing question late at night or finding a flexible way to finance a critical new piece of equipment. 

Other times, it means building a new service line. 

Such is the case with Brentwood Bank merchant processing, which enables businesses to securely process debit and credit card transactions. With customers increasingly using their plastic for payments, Clayton noticed the bank was lacking in this area. After researching a number of options, he selected a processing solution that fit both the bank and its business clients. As a result, clients are able to accept payments in a wide variety of ways at very competitive pricing—giving them the flexibility they need without hindering cash flow.

Away from the office, Clayton likes to spend time with his wife Kimmy and daughters Rachel and Heather. When not pounding the trails of Western PA, you can find Clayton soaking up the Steel City’s cultural offerings such as Phipps Conservatory or the Pittsburgh Symphony.

If you're looking for a banker eager to truly understand your business and work closely with you to determine the solutions you need, give Clayton a call today at 412-440-9073.
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“When businesses grow, the community grows. And that’s the best feeling in the world.”

Clayton Kinlan
Associate Vice President
Relationship Banking
Brentwood Bank